Steam Boilers Oil / Gas Fired
Heatex Steam Boilers are of multi pass smoking tube Vertical/ Horizontal, Fully Automatic design with proven performance. The Boilers are manufactured as per latest Indian Boiler Regulations / International codes as class-I equipment.
Hot Water Generators Oil / Gas Fired
Heatex Hot Water Generators are with Smoke Tube Horizontal/Vertical Package design with a choice of fuel- oil/gas, Fully Semi Automatic operational features. The hot water generators are manufactured as per latest Indian/international standards with Class I .
Electric Hot Water Generators
Heatex Electric Hot Water Generators Horizontal/Vertical are fully automatic and 100% safe against any electric shock in the event of unusual conditions of operation. The heating elemeters are plate type designed for 220/415 volts (+10%) and confirm to Indian standards
Steam Generators Oil / Gas Fired
Heatex Instant Steam are of multi pass coil type Vertical Fully Automatic design with proven performance. The Boilers are outside the purview on India Boiler Regulations.
Heat Pumps
Hot Water Generation Cost going very high due to sky touching rates of Inputs like :
  • Electricity
  • Diesel Oil
Solar Heat Recovery Systems
Cut Down Running cost by using Heat Recovery Systems.

Heatex Boilers(I) Pvt. Ltd. having the registered office at New Delhi.The company which have since .Its incorporation indulged in the manufacturing activities in the field of Indus-trial Boilers, Calorifiers, Heat Exchangers and other thermal Equipment .

Engineers in the above field. We are constantly updating the technology From time to time to produce the most efficient and environmentally, Friendly equipment meeting with the current Air pollution control laws And have design and fabrication facilities for quality products.